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After many years of collecting art (especially lithographs and etchings), we, Neil and Catherine, began to create art of our own.  Although initially we worked independently, since 2008, we have been working as partners to create each painting, typically beginning with a jointly developed design.  After an initial background painting, we apply modeling paste to the canvas and immediately mark it with various tools to produce three dimensional effects.  Once the piece has dried and been sanded, we apply vivid colors to enhance its sculptured surface.  While Neil's specialty is working with various mediums and marking tools, Catherine's is working with color. 

Night Bloom
Painting is 18 by 24 in silver frame ($140)
Painting is 22 by 28 (1.5 inch deep) (sold)

We, Neil and Catherine, are retired economists who each spent more than 30 years as teachers, researchers, and administrators at various universities including Iowa State University, West Virginia University, and Ball State University.  Most recently, Neil was Dean of the College of Business at Ball State and Catherine was Director of the Office of Academic Assessment and Institutional Research.  We frequently collaborated on research and presentations throughout our academic careers, laying the goundwork for our recent collaboration as artists.  In 2001, we retired from Ball State to help care for our grandchildren.  After briefly living in Pennsylvania, we relocated to North Carolina in 2004. 

Painting is 18 by 24 in a silver frame ($150)

Durham, NC phone: 919-360-7207

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