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Because of their detailed markings, our final paintings are meant to invoke natural phenomena such as underwater scenes, aerial maps, fossils, and rocky mountains--the subjects that interested us as print collectors.  Often open to interpretation, we hope our paintings invite observers to consider, surmise, and speculate--and also to touch.  

Two of our paintings have appeared on the cover of Genetics in Medicine, a scientific journal produced at the University of North Carolina.  "Waves" was on the cover in October 2010, and "Moons in Orbit" was on the cover in March 2012.

Painting is 18 by 24 in siver frame (sold)

Moons in Orbit
Painting is 16 by 20 in silver frame (sold)

Low Tide
Painting is 16 by 20 (1.5 inch deep) ($110)

Moon Beams
Painting is 20 by 24 (1.5 inch deep) ($199)

Durham, NC phone: 919-360-7207

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