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We recently participated in a juried show at Duke University's Center for Advanced Hindsight.  Each entry had to capture the Center's research theme which was about wealth inequality.  Our three paintings show the effects of taxes and education on moving toward a more equal wealth distribution.  They are titled "Unveiling the Gini"--the gini coefficient is a well know measure of wealth inquality. 

Unveiling the Gini 2
Painting is 24 by 30 (1.5 inch deep) ($170)
Unveiling the Gini 1
Painting is 24 by 36 (1.5 inch deep) ($230)
Unveiling the Gini 3
Painting is 20 by 24 (1.5 inch deep) (sold)

We also spent some time working on a commission for Blend Cafe at Golden Belt.  We created four coordinated paintings, each is 24 by 36 inches and is on 2.5 inch deep gallery wrapped canvases.  They were hung in late April 2012. 

Blend 1, 2, 3, and 4 installed
Not for Sale
Blend 4
Painting is 24 by 36 (2.5 inch deep) (sold)

Durham, NC phone: 919-360-7207

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